RADIONZ : Making Sourdough at Home pt1

I like eating it, my family loves it, but it’s expensive to buy and I want to know how to make it.

I started 2014 with the resolution to bake sourdough bread on a regular basis, and having got a wild starter going in my home, had a hit and miss experience producing edible bread. By February my starter had grown fur and turned greyish green – I had failed!  It was time to get help, and after asking about on Twitter, a guardian sourdough angel, Neville Chun, offered a path out of my slough of supermarket sliced bread sadness.

The challenge I posed Neville is to teach me to make sourdough bread on a weekly basis from my home. The timing of the process has to fit into my life – I work five days a week and spend a day a week running about after kids playing sport or riding my bike. Neville reckons this is achievable, if I follow his simple guidelines.



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