RADIONZ : The Pre-ferment pt4

So your starter is refreshed and ready to go –  it’s vigorous and full of life.

For a Saturday bake, I took the starter out on the Thursday night and sat it on the bench at room temperature.  After an hour or so I fed it 100 grams water and 70 grams of white flour and left it at room temperature (remember we’re looking for a pancake batter consistency).

On Friday morning I woke up and fed it again, 100 grams water and 70 grams flour, and off to work I went, hoping it would be ripe and ready for that evening.

On Friday night, with quite a volume of starter by now, and lots of bubbles and a lovely fruity smell we made the ‘pre-ferment’; this is the stage before you make the final dough that you’ll bake. 

It ends up being a wet sponge like mousse that will be added to flour and water, which then needs folding (kneading but oh so gently), proofing/leavening, shaping and baking.  And I thought this would be easier!  The bread better taste good Neville…..


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