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Bread Lame knives are bread dough cutting knives (which use the old fashioned double-edged thin razor blades) for scoring the proven loaf before it is placed into the oven.

The scores, besides giving the finished loaf an attractive rustic appearance, controls where the loaf expands when baking. The loaf expands where you score, thus preventing it expanding anywhere else causing the loaf to become misshapen and looking amateurish!

You are purchasing ONE Lame knife which includes a pack of 5 double-sided coated stainless steel razor blades. One blade edge will score 50 loaves, so a double-edged razor blade will score 100 loaves.

You can choose either the resin handle Lame or the wooden handle Lame.
complimentary sachet (approx 10g) of organic diastatic malt powder included.


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