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The best bread baking tool you'll ever use for mixing ingredients prior to kneading. It cuts through the flour/water mix effortlessly and at the same time combines the ingredients thoroughly. Also much easier to clean as nearly all the dough drops off the whisk when you tap it.

The whisk head is made from stiff 3mm stainless steel wire attached to a sturdy tapered beechwood handle for comfortable handling & leverage.

Flow through whisk design blends ingredients thoroughly, gently and effortlessly. Whisk is easily cleaned up in an instant with cold running water (don't put in dishwasher).

Fantastic for mixing batters, cake mixes, etc. It's so much better to use than a spatula or wooden spoon. Less effort, quick cleanup.

Included is a sachet of NZ made fresh organic Diastatic Malt Powder (a natural dough enhancing additive for superior crust colour, flavour and nutrition).