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Peels are used to insert and remove bread & pizzas from ovens.

These peels are hand made in Hutt Valley, NZ from strong 5mm Meranti Ply. The advantage of a thin but strong wooden peel is the loaf or pizza slides off/on the blade better. Also a wooden peel blade does not get as hot so quickly like metal blade peels (which will cause dough sticking problems when they get hot).

I'd have to say these peels are the best in NZ. They work perfectly and are very durable and strong. What you don't want is a thick wooden peel as they are terrible to use.

Short handle peels (photo 1) are great for handling pizzas. Once you have shaped the pizza dough base, dust the blade surface with fine cornmeal then lay the pizza base on the blade. Dress the pizza base with your toppings then the pizza is all ready to be slid on to a hot oven tray or stone.

Short handle Peel:
Total length including handle 470mm
Blade width 350mm
Blade depth 330mm