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Made from certified organic NZ grown Barley & fresh milled to order - not bulked milled/stored. I mill your order on the day I despatch & write the mill date on the bag.

Diastatic malt is a well kept secret of artisan bread bakers. It is rich with minerals & enzymes that act as natural preservatives & boost the nutritional value of breads.

Further, the reaction of the malt with yeasts & flour enhances the texture, size, appearance & flavour of your bread. Artisan breads with DM powder added will have superior crust colour, crumb texture & sweeter natural flavour.

Diastatic malt is important to have in doughs (yeasted or sourdough) that have long fermentation times or are retarded overnight in the fridge.

"Diastatic" refers to the natural enzymes that are created as the live grain sprouts. These natural enzymes when mixed into bread doughs help convert starches in the flour to sugars, which then feed the yeasts.

Only a small amount of diastatic malt is added to the flour, typically @ 0.5% of the total amount of flour used for a loaf of bread. For example for a loaf containing 500g of flour, add 2.5g of diastatic malt (half a teaspoon is aprox 2.5g).