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Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife, 10-Inch, Black. Made from highest grade Japanese steel ....

This is the best bread knife I've ever owned. Incredible cutting power and control on fresh and dry breads. Slices loaves like butter. The control is phenomenal, and you can see in photo # its possible to cut very thin slices of bread on fresh or dry loaves (yeasted or sourdough).

The Blade - Using highest quality Japanese steel that allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening for a razor-sharp edge. One-piece high-carbon, stain-resistant Japanese steel. The rigid strong blade is 2.5mm thick!

Ergonomic Handle – a combination of Santoprene for Comfort and polypropylene for durability - Textured finger points provide slip resistance, grip, and safety. Protective finger guard

Care - Please hand wash the knife for blade edge and surface care. Store in a knife block or use a blade protector. Its never great to put the knife in an open draw for storage, or leave the knife in the sink.