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Bake your artisanal loaves of bread as good or better than a commercial professional oven with the New 4.7L capacity, 26cm Lodge Double Dutch Oven.

Its the ultimate container to bake bread in a domestic oven.

The split design of the separate skillets (shallow and deep) with individual handles couldn't be better designed for baking bread by the "dutch oven" method.

The superb quality of the cast iron USA made skillets replicates the intense but moist heat of a commercial oven with steam injection.

Your loaves will come out the best you've ever seen. Get the Lodge and you will be baking loaves of your dreams!

The method is simple ...

Preheat oven & Your Lodge to 240C for at least 40mins

With oven gloved hands remove the hot Dutch oven & place on to a wooden board

The proved loaf from your banneton is knocked out & placed on the shallow skillet. Because this skillet is shallow its easy to place it & score the loaf. Give it a good misting with cold water

Invert the deep skillet & place it over the loaf to fit on to the shallow skillet.

Put the Lodge back into the oven & bake for 20mins. Do NOT lift the deep skillet off the loaf during this period

After 20mins remove the deep skillet from the oven. Continue baking loaf for a further 15-20mins to develop crust colour. Longer you bake, darker the crust & flavour (don't worry loaf will not burn)

When desired crust colour is reached, take the loaf out of the oven, off the skillet & on to a cooling rack to cool down & admire.

Made in the USA by Lodge Co (1896) with NZ warranty. Have a look at the Lodge Foundry Tour video and see the LCC3 in the making.

Dutch Oven:
Inside Width: 26cm
Height with lid: 16cm
Outside Width: 26.4cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 32cm

Inside Width: 26cm
Height: 5.08cm
Outside Width: 26.4cm
Total Length (handle to handle): 32cm

4.7L Capacity